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novelty software

Demonstrate your originality and grab the customer's attention with some of the many novel ideas the 'New Media' has to offer. Once the program has attracted their attention it should also be able to generate some interest in your products. If your marketing message can then light their desire it only remains for our program to automatically complete the process by emailing you their details or taking them to your web site to purchase some goods. If the program is entertaining it will get passed on between friends and colleagues, thus spreading it's effect without any work from yourselves.

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steam engines

One possibility is driving a steam locomotive around your office to introduce new staff. Another is allowing people to smash their computer screen to relieve their stress.

We have access to a huge range of 2D or 3D program that can be simply modified to suit your needs.

Why not run a competition where people email you their high scores to win a prize.

Download program link
Download full steam engine trial

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world map software

This world data monitor allows you to investigate different countries by moving the mouse over the country or selecting it from a drop down list. This version includes information on 83 countries from GDP and population to the amount of milk they drink.

The same program was provided as a utility program and screensaver for roughly the same price that only one would have cost.

See some of our serious game examples

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