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Better brand awareness, lead generators at much less cost.

Page top arrow Fully customisable promotional gift software to generate new customer leads

All you pay for is the time it takes to add your company details into our existing, high quality programs. Equivalent to getting £10,000 worth of software from around £300. And you can give it away for free to as many people as you want.

Popular business gift examples include:-

Just tell us what you want to achieve and we will create the most suitable program.

Page top arrow Why use Promotional Gift Software?

Free software gifts work better because:-

  • Your company icon gets on each customer's computer screen with direct access to your website.
  • Each program contains a popular utility known to be interest and value to users.
  • Increases website visitors via built in feedback links. Free distribution automatically sends new clients back (viral marketing).
  • Increased search engine ranking.
  • Cost much less than named mugs, etc. to produce.
  • Cost virtually nothing to distribute.
  • Can include extra information on products or services.
  • Integrates with and improves existing marketing materials.
  • Continue to work for year, after year, after year.

Page top arrow The easy way to collect, analyse and respond to customer feedback

Running a competition within the software is very simple and the results can be collected and analysed automatically. Our text splitter software is designed to let you quickly and easily extract information from large numbers of consistently structured emails into a single usable database or spreadsheet.

If you use online forms to collect information or get emails sent to you automatically by programs then you'll know how difficult it can be to get this information into a usable format. This software should save you lots of time processing and responding to this information.

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